Role of Liner in International Trade

Role of Freight Forwarder / NVOCC in International Trade

Modes of Transportation

Parties & Departments involved in Trade

Shipping Documents & Definitions

Shipping Terminologies

Export & Import Shipping Cycle

Vessel & Container Types

Port Operations

Warehouse & ICD Operations

International Commercial (INCO) Terms

Role of Letter of Credit (LC) in International Trade

Bill of Lading (BL)

Types of Packaging

Types of Cargo

Dangerous Goods Classifications

Marine Insurance

Vessel & Container Chartering

Governing & Statutory Bodies

Major Sea-Ports & Air-Ports in the World

Common Charges & Basics of Freight Rate calculation

Basics of Shipping Accounts

Shipping Acronyms

Advance Cargo Declaration – AMS, ACI & ENS

1. Creating Quotation

2. Creating Booking

3. Bill of Lading Updation

4. Generating Bill of Lading Draft

5. Generating Cargo Manifest

6. Charges Updation & Invoicing

7. Raising Payment Request to Vendor

8. Generating Cargo Arrival Notice