Course Overview

In a world characterized by aggressive competition knowing the capability and behaviour of an employee are paramount. Organizations are increasingly making use of psychometric tests when selecting among job applicants to measure their skill levels, behaviour etc. The use of such tests and instruments not only requires expertise in selecting, administering, interpreting the results, but also a know how to integrate the complex information and present the results to the test-taker and the decision maker alike.

Keeping this in mind this workshop has been designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of psychometric testing. The objective of this workshop is to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire process of psychometric testing, starting right from defining the concepts of psychology to the various tests used in psychometric testing. The workshop focuses on the practical application of the test, citing how beneficial it is to conduct these tests.

By attending this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Learn the basic psychological techniques of Jung, Freud, Adler and their applicability to organizational behaviour
  • Learn to use the world’s leading projective test – the thematic apperception test ( TAT ) to understand the psychological profile of a person
  • Learn how to check motives of person using the RSI test
  • Learn to use the PSI test which analyzes the 16 personality styles of person
  • Understand how to check if a test is truly effective
  • Learn 2 major categories of psychometric tests and where they can be used
  • How to use ability/interest tests well

Unique benefits to the participants:

  • Get a comprehensive, information packed courseware during the program and for back home use
  • Learn from the industry experts who have a specialist  experience in the area of psychometric testing
  • Network with other professionals with same background and interest
  • Brand yourself as a certified psychometric testing professional
  • Increase your earning potential as a freelance professional by becoming a certified psychometric testing professional
  • Unique “risk free” money back guarantee

Who should attend?

  • Human resource executives and managers
  • Top level HR professionals who frame their organizational human resource policies


MODULE 1: Overview of Psychology

  • Psychology Basics
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Carl Gustav Jung
  • Alfred Adler
  • Burrhus Fredric Skinner

MODULE 2: Psychometric Assessment Overview

  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Understanding the Psyche/Mind
  • Understanding Competence
  • What to Assess
  • Why to Assess
  • Establish Fair Psychometric Assessment
  • Fairness – Will The Assessment Create Adverse Impact

MODULE 3: Categories of Tests

  • Categories of Test
  • Common Projective Tests
  • Self-Report or Inventory Tests

MODULE 4: Test for Traits – The PSI

  • PSI- A Brief History
  • How to Analyze the PSI Test
  • Dimensions of the Typology
  • Different Personality Types
  • Uses of PSI

MODULE 5: Test for Motives – The TAT Test

  • History of the Test
  • Understanding TAT
  • Administering the Test
  • Scoring of the TAT Cards

MODULE 6: Motivational Analysis Using Career Anchors – The RSI Test

  • Understanding motivators

MODULE 7: Ability Testing

  • Ability Tests
  • Specific Cognitive Tests
  • Sample Tests Used in Organizations