Course Overview

The Certified Strategic Compensation Specialist (CSCS) shows that you have the crucial knowledge to incorporate pay programs with business procedure, plan and oversee base and variable pay programs, agree to lawful and administrative prerequisites, and successfully impart pay data. The CCP gives you and your boss trust in your employment aptitudes and separates you in today’s focused world.

This program will help you see how to better guarantee staff fulfilment, maintenance, and high motivational levels, subsequently guaranteeing maintained levels of high customer fulfilment because of the execution and experience of your key staff individuals.

By attending this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Learn Total Rewards Model for understanding relation between rewards and performance.
  • To analyze Market Positioning and perform Benchmarking process to Compensation and reward structure in par with industry in your organization.
  • Understand how Compensation Metrics can be used for Assessing Pay structures of Companies
  • Understand how to Budget the compensation and pay Hikes
  • Learn key theories and Approaches for expatriate salary management
  • Learn key theories and Approaches for expatriate salary management
  • Learn how to Communicate the compensation strategy in the organization through building a Communication Matrix
  • Learn how compensation is linked with other HR activities
  • Learn about SARBANES OXLEY (SOX) act and its impact on Compensation and Benefits
  • Learn about International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and its influence on preparing pay structures in Organization

 MODULE 1: Strategize C&B

  • How to design a Compensation and Reward Strategy
  • How Reward Strategy impacts on individual and organization’s performance
  • Elements and Implementation of Rewards Strategy
  • How to perform Compensation Bench Marking
  • Important Metrics in compensation
  • How to Calculate ROI and what is ROI Methodology

MODULE 2: Plan C&B

  • Compensation Budgeting, its process, types of inputs required and approaches.
  • Salary Hikes and its types.
  • Compensation Pool planning and how to manage the rising costs
  • Compensation Ratio , salary Range penetration and other important HR metrics

MODULE 3: Training Design

  • What is International Compensation and approaches for international Staffing
  • Who are Home , Host , Third Country Nationals
  • What are the Objectives and principles of Global Compensation
  • Internal and external factors that affect global compensation
  • What are Expatriate Compensation Components and strategies
  • Understanding important Theories and Approaches for international compensation

MODULE 4: Training Evaluation and ROI

  • Communicating compensation structure in organization –why ,how , who when approach
  • How to Build Communication Matrix and its importance
  • What Sarbanes Oxley Act 2002 and its Impact on C&B
  • What IFRS and its Impact on C&B