Course Overview

This program develops both the skill and understanding that would help the professionals to implement good interviewing skills. This program would equip the professionals with the skill and knowledge so that he/she is able to:

  • Appreciate the importance of recruitment and calculate costs associated with bad recruitment
  • Understand all steps followed in an effective recruitment process
  • Analyze requirements and create Job and competence map formats
  • Conduct Behavioural and functional Interviews efficiently and effectively
  • Create positive perceptions among candidates about the company
  • Effectively evaluate the candidate on behaviour , skill and knowledge
  • Understand the role of non interview techniques like Group exercises, Role plays, psychometric tools  in evaluating candidates
  • Understand the latest trends and tools in recruitment including usage of Quan comm. methodology, Threshold traits analysis , Behavioural event interviewing, Job element analysis, critical incident method
  • Be familiar with some of the best practices which have evolved in recruitment over the last few years

Target Audience

This program aimed at the Managers/Supervisor or HR Managers involved in interviewing process. It is equally useful for line managers, functional professionals who participate in the recruitment process as interviewers. 

Course Content

Module 1 –   Recruitment Analytics

  • Strategic Issues in Recruitment
  • Recruitment Metrics
  • Bad Recruitment
  • Overview of the Hiring Process

Module 2 – Understanding Competencies

  • What is competency
  • Competency Iceberg Model
  • Competency Measurement and BARS

Module 3 – Interview Process

  • Introduction to Interviewing
  • The overall Interview Process
  • Stages of the Interview

Module 4 – Probing Techniques

  • Quan-com Questions and Behavioural Indicators
  • 4 Key Interviewer Skills
  • Body Language
  • Different Types of  Questioning Methods
  • Evaluation of the Interview Process