Course Overview

By the end of this Course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence
  • Recognize the impact Emotional Intelligence abilities have on professional development and career
  • Accurately observe and interpret the verbal and non verbal behaviour of others
  • Assess your own Emotional Intelligence abilities
  • Increase self awareness and develop a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses through Emotional Intelligence training
  • Improve your sensitivity to corporate cultures and respond appropriately to workplace social issues
  • Identify and apply the five key Emotional skills to a broad variety of workplace situations
  • Improving your team’s Emotional Intelligence: Learn how to work with your team to improve their Emotional Intelligence
  • Develop cohesive Emotionally Intelligent teams
  • Use Emotional Intelligence to achieve greater Leadership excellence
  • Recognize the importance of Leadership Emotional Quotient
  • Create an atmosphere that fosters Emotional Intelligence


  1. Overview to Emotional Intelligence
  • Why Emotional Intelligence
  • Definitions of Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Check – EI
  • Physical aspects of EI
  • The CAMI – MEHR expanding Helix model
  1. Active Emotional Awareness
  • Scanning the environment
  • And Recognizing emotions
  • Legitimately  Express
  • Speak Softly
  1. Manage EI in Self
  • Situational( A+B=C)
  • Alter them & Video practice
  • Inspirational ( 5  voices )
  1. Manage EI with others
  • Empathy
  • FEEF Model
  • Managing emotions- EDGE Model
  • Conflict styles
  1. Manage EI in Teams 
  • Building EI Communication
  • Creating Team Openness and Reducing  Conflict Flashpoints